See what we've been up to.....

Autumn's here, we're off to the woods....

We have enjoyed autumn walks and collecting and comparing leaves. We spoke about what happens to the weather in autumn and made some autumn arts and crafts.

Before we went to the woods we carried out a risk assessment, and discussed how to keep ourselves safe. We then did brilliant walking demonstrating our good road safety knowledge, and once we got to the woods we waited patiently while Claire carried out a risk assessment to ensure it was safe for us to go. We then listened well to the story “After the Storm” and a letter from the animals fell out asking us to build them some new houses. We set to work straight away working really well in teams to build houses for the squirrel, hedgehog and rabbit. Once we were finished we looked at each others work and then had our snack at the woods. We then walked brilliantly back to nursery. We all loved this experience!

We have also been  focussing on keeping our garden and surrounding area and looking at waste, litter and recycling.  We put up posters around nursery grounds reminding people not to drop litter and clean up after their pets.  We have also been looking at materials which can be recycled. 

Percy the Park Keeper 

We have been using this book as a pathways to stories and learning about the book in 3 different themes (autumn, animals and healthy eating.) We have done a variety of arts and crafts linked to these themes as well as using the laptop to explore more about each theme. We have created a tree house for the animals from the story and have been using puppets and the den to retell stories and create our own.

The Very Quiet Cricket

We have used pathways to stories during this topic, so we are learning about everything in the story and having different themes. For this we practised our turn-taking skills and reading books by ourselves. We have also done lots of retelling stories through the use of puppets. In the garden we have been making bug houses, for the bugs from the story and we have also been doing lots of rhyme time and using the instruments. 


​ We have used our gross motor skills and imaginations to build a variety of models inside and outside using a range of different materials. We looked at the importance of having a plan before building and created our own building plans.

Transport and the Local Community

​ During this topic we have been focusing on the different modes of transport and how we get around, by drawing different types of transport, discussing road safety while out for walks. We have also created our own car mats to use in the physical room and in the garden we have built our own rafts to try in water. We have also been exploring the community through visits on the bus, to the fruit shop, posting letters and visiting the park.