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Fun in all weathers......

We have loved exploring outside this summer and exploring nature.

We have enjoyed visiting the woods taking part in a variety of experiences. Children enjoyed developing their social skills while playing hide and seek. Children also read a story about shapes and sizes and found a variety of materials in the woods to sort into different categories, e.g. hard, soft, jaggy, smooth, etc.

We have also been  focussing on keeping our garden and surrounding area and looking at waste, litter and recycling.  We put up posters around nursery grounds reminding people not to drop litter and clean up after their pets.  We have also been looking at materials which can be recycled. 

Three little pigs 

We have enjoyed learning about “The Three Little Pigs” story through retelling the story and using different materials to create our own puppets and houses from the story, helping us to develop our language and curiosity skills. The children have enjoyed using different materials such as shaving foam and sand to do some mark-making in, helping them to develop their fine motor skills. Children have also had the opportunity to retell stories with puppets and in the den.

The Very Quiet Cricket

We have used pathways to stories during this topic, so we are learning about everything in the story and having different themes. For this we practised our turn-taking skills and reading books by ourselves. We have also done lots of retelling stories through the use of puppets. In the garden we have been making bug houses, for the bugs from the story and we have also been doing lots of rhyme time and using the instruments. 

Baby Room 

​ The children have been learning through their senses with a variety of materials including sand and shaving foam. We have also been demonstrating our mark making skills and emptying and filling skills with the sand. The children have been using their mixing to create new sensory playdough with herbs from the garden. 


Children have enjoyed focusing on construction, looking at the aspect of emergency vehicles and how they work. They have had the opportunity to take part in junk modelling, building models and drawing building plans, helping them to develop their curiosity and problem solving skills. Children have also had the opportunity to learn about how things work as they look at emergency vehicles and build their own using a variety of materials.

Graduation and Sports Day