See what we've been up to.....

Fun in all Weathers


We love exploring outside, and spend a lot of time in our garden. We have been learning to be responsible citizens while looking after our garden as we water the plants and display our own litter posters. We have enjoyed learning about gravity as we roll tyres down the hill. To develop our creativity skills and imagination we have been doing a lot of building with loose parts. We have also loved exploring the snow outside, throwing snowballs and building snow-people. We also enjoy developing our gross motor skills as we use the slide.

Christmas Show


This year we have all been very interested in the story of “Stickman” so we created our own version of it to perform in front of all the parents/carers. We all developed our confidence and were happy to perform on front of everyone. We each had our own part to play and spoke clearly and confidently throughout!

Fire Station


The children enjoyed a visit to Crieff Fire Station, linking to our ‘People who help us’ topic. The children enjoyed carrying out their own risk assessment before going, developing their knowledge of travelling safely. When we got to the fire station, we were shown a variety of different tools and equipment that the fire fighters use, such as a thermal imaging camera and a smoke alarm, which we were shown how they are used, and the children got a turn as well. We then had a look in the fire engine and had took turns sitting in it. Lastly the children could have a turn of the fire hose, they aimed it at 4 cones, developing their hand-eye co-ordination.


Continuing Our Creative Journey


At the beginning of last year we started our Creative Journey and have continued with this since, including members of staff who have recently taken up a new creative hobby, such as sewing, painting and decorating. The children have also had the opportunity to do so, through exploring and making models with different materials such as ice, blocks and shaving foam. The children have also had the opportunity to do some art appreciation, through commenting on and creating their own versions of famous pieces of art.


The Baby Room


The children have enjoyed exploring the garden, developing their understanding of the world around them. We have also enjoyed a variety of messy play experiences, using our senses to explore things such as sand, pasta, jelly, etc. We have been encouraged to develop our fine motor skills while using the peg and peg boards to create our own pictures. We also enjoy going to songbirds for some music as well as creating our own music in the baby room.

Easter Celebrations

We have been enjoying lots of Easter crafts and experiences at nursery recently. The children have enjoyed developing their creativity and imaginations while creating Easter cards for our families and Easter baskets to take baking home in. The children also loved having an Easter egg hunt.