See what we've been up to.....

Summer here, our plants are growing ....

We never know what the weather will be like, but whether it's snowing, rain or sun we enjoy spending time in our Garden.


We've been planting herbs, in guttering on the fence after starting them indoors. We've been recording the progress of our potatoes and green  beans  growing in the garden.   This helps us discuss the seasons and how it effects plants and how things grow. This links into our Helthy Eating Topic and how our body needs different foods to give us energy and help our bodies grow.  We have also been using foods to explore our senses such as raw and cooked pasta and making gloop.  


Children took part in a large biodiversity topic to help them towards achieving their Patrick Gedded Award for their environmental work. The children did life cycling puzzles, made a weather clock, bug hunt, put up new bird houses and built a bug hotel in the garden.  We have had support from the local ranger together with The Green Routes to Well Being community group to achieve this.  


Using inspiration from the Olympics and World Championships we drew out different sports and lay down in the garden to look like and imagine we were taking part.  We also tried some of these sports in the garden. 




We have also been  focussing on keeping our garden and surrounding area and looking at waste, litter and recycling.  We put up posters around nursery grounds reminding people not to drop litter and clean up after their pets.  We have also been looking at materials which can be recycled. 

The Very Quiet Cricket

We have used pathways to stories during this topic, so we are learning about everything in the story and having different themes. For this we practised our turn-taking skills and reading books by ourselves. We have also done lots of retelling stories through the use of puppets. In the garden we have been making bug houses, for the bugs from the story and we have also been doing lots of rhyme time and using the instruments. 

Transport and the Local Community

​ During this topic we have been focusing on the different modes of transport and how we get around, by drawing different types of transport, discussing road safety while out for walks. We have also created our own car mats to use in the physical room and in the garden we have built our own rafts to try in water. We have also been exploring the community through visits on the bus, to the fruit shop, posting letters and visiting the park.

Caring for each other

We looked at the Easter Story and had an Easter egg hunt which was very exciting.


Children developed their ability to care for others, they used the feelings puppets to help express their feelings, they took turns while playing games, they worked as a team to build models with soft play

Getting out & about

Over the recent months at Macrosty Park we have had a very busy time with art creation station and natural arts events.  As part of our scavenger hunt we collected lots of natural prodcts andused them to sort thing into coulours, shape and size.  At our pond dipping we found tadpoles and stonefly nymphs.  Our younger children have been out with Gosia to the Hydro grounds. We started off in our buggies and enjoyed spotting birds as they few by in the sky.  Some children got out to walk o the drive, ohers naped befre we all got out and about to see the horses.  We had fun mimicing the horse sound and movments.  We laid out a picnic rug and had a wee snack while looking over at the horses field.  We collected lots of leaves ad cones to examine back at nursery.


We completed a nature trail and spotted lots of interesting plants like bluebells, wild garlic, colt's foot, brambes and elder.  We looked for insects and birds and also for signs that they had maybe been there before us..... we found pine cones which had been stripped clean by little mice, while the squirrels made a big mess as we found pine cones they had munched on.  We built dens and had fun story time with the hungry caterpillar in our secret hideways.  We enjoyed our time in the Pavilion making coloured salt, filling shells bottles and making pictures with natural materials we collected in the park.    We also had time for a snack and a wee play in the park, before returning to nursery.