Our Ethos

At Teddy Bear Care Nursery we strive to provide a very high quality of care for children. The atmosphere is friendly, relaxed and warm, with staff gently guiding children in their learning.


We promote positive behaviour using praise and encouragement, for effort as well as for success. We show the children how to share with and care for their friends. We also encourage respect for resources, equipment and the community. We use every opportunity to develop independence involving the children in all we do, always engaging in close sensitive interaction. By doing this we aim to increase the children’s confidence and promote positive self-esteem.


A balance of activities are offered each day and children can also choose activities for themselves. Close observation of the children also enables the staff to recognise individual needs, interest, learning styles and schemas. Staff encourage children to extend their play by giving appropriate adult support to enhance children’s learning experiences. We use the outside environment as much as possible and see it as an extension of the nursery.


We recognise that parents are children’s primary educators and we work in partnership with them, building close relationships based on mutual respect and good two-way channels of communication.

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Accident Policy and Procedure 2019
Accident Policy and Procedure.doc
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