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At Teddy Bear Care Nursery we aim to provide a stimulating learning environment to meet the needs of each individual child.

Our baby room is a safe, nurturing environment where we follow the home routines of each baby as closely as possible.  We share your baby's experiences with you by sending home a written daily activity sheet and when chatting at collection time.  Talking and interacting with babies is the way we develop caring relationships and we are responsive and respectful giving close and relaxed contact.  There is a quiet sleep room which contrasts with the busy play area where your baby can explore and make discoveries about their world.  We offer a range of sensory learning experiences both indoors and in the garden.  Your baby may also be taken for walks in the local community.


In the two-five rooms our child-centred holistic approach gently guides your child and recognises the importance of every aspect of their development.  We promote learning through play, with staff giving appropriate adult support to extend your child's learning.  We use observation to plan both challenging and familiar activities which meet individual needs and interests taking into account the ways in which each child learns.


Your child will have frequent opportunities to visit places in the local environment such as the park, library, shops, woodlands  and the new Eco centre 'Remake'.

We encourage children to respect others, learn to share and to develop a healthy self-image and worth through praise and encouragement.  We promote independence skills to develop confidence and self-esteem.


We focus on continual improvement which has resulted in us consistently obtaining very high grades from our regulatory body the Care Inspectorate.

Some of our children having fun

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